The Top Rated House Rewiring Experts in Yorba Linda

When you call My Yorba Linda Electrician Hero and tell us that you are looking for a house rewire job, we know exactly what to do. We know that you probably have one of the older homes in Yorba Linda and that you need experts in residential wiring who will remove that older wiring and install new wiring and eliminate the fears of fire and electrical shock. We know that older homes use older methods of wiring such as aluminum wiring, cloth-wrapped Romex wiring and knob and tube wiring and that those older methods can be a problem.

Is there a danger with old wiring?

Older wiring cannot handle the power demands that modern appliances and electronics require. So, when you plug in that computer, that appliance, anything, and have the older wiring inside the walls, you risk that wiring breaking and shorting out. When that happens, a fire could start behind the walls of your Yorba Linda home.

What else?

There are electrical shock hazards with old wiring, too. Older wiring that uses two holes means it’s not grounded and that can be a dangerous electrical shock hazard. We can fix that too.

How do you do a home rewiring?

We do a home rewiring in such a way that does not require that the power be shut off inside your Yorba Linda home and that does not require the walls be torn down. We work behind the walls of the home and we work one room at a time. It will cause a minimum of fuss.

How much does this cost?

It can vary depending on the size of the home and the amount of residential wiring that needs to be removed and replaced.

How long does it take?

It can take a few days, but bigger jobs can take weeks. That’s why we work so that you don’t have to leave the home or have the power turned off.

What’s now?

Call us and we’ll get a licensed electrician come out to your ┬áhome for a free estimate for home wiring in Yorba Linda, CA. Once that happens we move forward and get the job done right and done fast. Call today!